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November 09, 2007



Do you like stuff from Janie and Jack?
we have these and they are cuter in person

Julie (booeyj2)

I have these (in a size 6 (12-18)) that I will be putting up for sale on LJ sometime next week. Let me know if you want first dibs...

Links to Ebay ;)

PJ wearing them in December....

Loved em so much I had to buy a pair for this fall/winter (since I had saved the last pair in hopes that they might still fit...yeah right LOL). She wore them today ;)


Hi Tosin,
I'm not usually a huge fan of J&J but those boots are so cute! What's your website?
(thanks for posting these!)


Julie - you rock mama! I saw those pics in your journal today and loved them! I'll email you!! Thanks for thinking of me.


You are quite welcome Amy. Yeah Janie and Jack tends to be too cutesy for me as well..but I thought those boots were pretty perfect and they are on sale making them even better..

believe it or not. I no longer have a site..I'm so horrible with those sort of things I shut it down :\

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