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October 31, 2007



I lurk on your blog alot. It's brilliant by the way...but I had to come out of lurking for this last post. That lady is my she-roe! That activity book as just inspired me to go learn how to sew :)

Rachel & Kylie :)

Holy lord!! That activity book is the best idea I have seen in my entire life! What an amazing way to keep and "use" the piles of outgrown adorable clothes we have! I am in awe! Let's get sewing ASAP!


I too am completely captivated by that activity book! It's so adorable and fun for little kids. I'm going to have to riffle through the boys outgrown clothes this weekend to see if I can make one.


I'm thinking about trying to make this little book. Can you please explain how you applied the words to the pages? Are there any instructions on how to make this book?

Replies are welcomed.Thank You

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