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September 26, 2007



Thanks so much for featuring the Owyn Toy Box! I had a lot of fun making it. I'm doing a lot more with the organic shapes and veneer cut outs. I just completed a new table and chairs that will soon be posted on etsy too. It's posted on

Thanks again!

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Such a cute design for a toy box. I would love to have those toybox for my kids. Thanks\ you so much for sharing this valuable information that you got here. It's worth the read!

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Mommies are best thing in the world! They will do everything for their babies party. I'm glad I'm gonna be a mother soon!

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It's a really cute toy box! Its just simple and quite unique. It's a great thing to have for the kids.


Wow! I wanna have something like that. Very cute and simple. I am sure my little cousin would love it too.

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Maybe it would become more attractive if we put some paintings even white paint just to make it more alive.

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