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September 05, 2007


Nancy - aka club924

omg, amy, your mom does amazing work! please tell me she's going to start selling on etsy or at least take orders? pretty please?! ava is going to look adorable!


Heh, who needs to learn how to sew when you got mama to sew like that? :)

Julie (booeyj2)

Ask grandma if she can make some for her adopted chinese granddaughter that she hasn't met ......yet ;)


Rachel & Kylie :)

LOVE THEM!!!! I am ordering one of the pear/apple ones for Kylie! :) What an amazing job! Maybe Ava will be sporting one for the big birthday bash this weekend?! :) And of cousre Ava will look adorable in them with her little jealous!


They are so beautiful!


awww...thanks you guys!! i showed my mom your comments and it REALLY made her day. :)


so adorable. your mom should open an etsy shop, because I would be first in line to buy one or two or three...

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